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Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Defense

Fortune 500 companies realize the added value military veterans bring to the workplace. Besides accelerated learning curves, tremendous teamwork skills, and unparalleled leadership experience these candidates provide a superior work ethic that will raise the bar of every employee within their sphere of influence.

By hiring military veterans, you will:
   - lower your attrition rate
   - reduce your long-term cost per hire
   - upgrade your talent pipeline
   - beat your competition

Want More Reasons To Hire Military Veterans?

Diversity in the Workplace
The US military is the most diverse organization in the country and our candidates represent this fact. Approximately 35% of our candidates we place are minority or female.

Did you know that the government pays for the relocation of military veterans upon their exit from service? This may or may not cover their entire move (depending on distance) but certainly helps both the client and the candidate.

Publications such as The Wall Street Journal state that a large number of mid to senior level executives in industries across the board served in the Armed Forces. You might be surprised to learn just how many veterans already work for your organization!

The Wall Street Journal and many other publications state that a large number of mid and high level managers in industrial and service companies served in the Armed Forces. You may be surprised to learn just how many prior JMOs work for your company. Their transition into your company will be no more difficult than new employees from other corporate cultures. And their transition is usually easier than those coming from a college lifestyle.

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