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AEG Resources provides the best and the brightest candidates from our Nation's Armed Forces. We specialize in placing Junior Military Officers (JMOs), Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), and Enlisted Technicians into a variety of industries and positions. Members of the Military Specialty Service Division of AEG Resources have many years of Military/Fortune 500 staffing experience.

We understand that no two companies are the same, and our client-focused process gives us the flexibility to adapt to any changing needs or requirements that you might have. Whether your needs consist of just one candidate or large scale hiring initiatives, we customize a specialized search plan designed to meet your requirements. We focus on building long term strategic partnerships with our clients.

JMOs have been trained from day one to lead from the front by example. They hold degrees from our nation's finest schools and military academies. Military officers are highly sought after for their short ramp up time and quick impact on your bottom line. An abbreviated list of fields and functional areas that we place military officers into is:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Bio-Medical
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear Power
  • Operations
  • Pharmeceuticals
  • Project Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Service Management
  • Transportation/Distribution

NCOs and Enlisted Technicians are the catalyst to the military officer. These professionals are world famous for being on the cutting edge of new technologies and are also sought after for their leadership abilities. They have completed rigorous training programs and many have completed advanced degrees. Some of fields for which these candidates are sought after are:

  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Bio-Medical
  • Construction Management
  • Electronics
  • Diesel Engine Repair/Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Field Service Technician
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic
  • HVAC Specialist
  • Information Specialist
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Mechanical
  • Nuclear Power
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Plant Operations
  • Production Supervisors
  • Retail
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecommunications
  • Turbines
  • Uninterrupted Power Systems
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