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Whether you are a seasoned professional, military personnel in transition, or a new college graduate, AEG Resources has exciting job opportunities to advance your career.

Finding the right position takes more than just responding to job postings. To find the right opportunity, you need the support of an AEG Resources Recruiter who has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to help you uncover the opportunities that best fit your skills and fulfill your career goals. And it doesn't stop there -- once we find a job for you, we have the tools, training and support you need to prepare to take on your new position.

Our goal is to help professionals like you to reach their career objectives, and because our highly trained recruiters work exclusively with our top-tier clients, not only do we have a clear understanding of the qualifications required for each position, but we also understand how those requirements will affect your choices.

When you work with AEG Resources, you will build a relationship with a recruiter who will work closely with you to understand what you are looking for in a career opportunity. For each position, your recruiter will provide you with coaching and the detailed information you need to make a decision. We match your skills to fill direct, contract-to-hire, and contract positions. Your AEG Resources recruiter will be a trusted mentor and friend, always available to offer advice and professional guidance.


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